Why You Should Consider Living in North Augusta

North Augusta is a city located on the South Carolina border, separated from Augusta, GA, by the Savannah River. The majority of North Augusta is located in Aiken County, SC, though a small portion extends into Edgefield County. Residents of North Augusta typically live, work, and play across the the Central Savannah RIver Area (CSRA), due to North Augusta’s proximity to Augusta, GA, Aiken, SC, and a number of smaller towns.

North Augusta rose to prominence in the early 1900s, thanks to the opening of the Hampton Terrace Hotel, developed by James U. Jackson. The hotel had 300 rooms designed to pamper the upper-class cliente the hotel attracted. The hotel was especially popular in the winter months, drawing visitors from the north who were attracted to the more mild winter temperatures. In 1916, the hotel burned to the ground, while undergoing renovations, and was not rebuilt.

Now, North Augusta is home to more than 21,000 people (per the 2010 census). North Augusta residents can access downtown Augusta, GA, via multiple bridges – most prominently – the 13th Street Bridge, which connects the main street in central North Augusta (Georgia Avenue) to its neighboring city in Georgia. Augusta has a large medical district. Employees of one of the hospitals and students of the Medical College of Georgia – Augusta University can commute from many parts of North Augusta in less than 15 minutes. North Augusta residents also commute to Aiken, SC, in under 30 minutes, the Augusta Regional Airport in approximately 20 minutes, and Plant Vogtle, the Augusta area’s nuclear energy facility located in Waynesboro, GA, in less than an hour.

North Augusta offers four public elementary schools, two public middle schools and one public high school. The city of North Augusta maintains 18 parks, providing multiple public playgrounds, picnic facilities, public tennis and basketball courts, and outdoor trails for exercise enthusiasts and families. The city recently opened two dog parks, to provide outdoor fun for dogs of all sizes. One of the most popular elements in North Augusta is the North Augusta Greeneway. Opened in 1995, the path is approximately seven miles long. Several popular North Augusta neighborhoods, including Hammond’s Ferry, River Club, The Rapids, Hammond Hill and Knollwood, provide direct access to the Greeneway Trail from within the neighborhood. Portions of the Greeneway run along the Savannah River, and there are plans to eventually connect the Greeneway area to the paths of the Augusta Canal, which run alongside the Savannah River on the Georgia side.

North Augusta opened SRP Park in spring 2018. This state-of-the-art stadium is home to the Augusta Greenjackets, a minor league farm team for the San Francisco Giants. The stadium will also host a variety of other local events. It is located on the edge of Hammond’s Ferry, a live-work-play area that continues to gain popularity, offering homes within walking distance to the Savannah River and multiple local restaurants and small businesses.

North Augusta residents pay lower taxes than residents of Columbia and RIchmond County in Georgia. Most locals would also suggest they experience less traffic and enjoy easy access to I-20, one of the major interstate thoroughfares running across the southern half of the United States. But come see for yourself. Visit North Augusta today.