Three-tiered Retaining Wall

The edge of this Grovetown property was plagued by sandy overgrowth that intensified erosion with heavy rain (see the first picture). In order to protect the landscaping from further erosion, Between the Edges worked with the homeowners to design and build a three-tiered paver retaining wall in the buff. Between the tiers, we planted bushes that, once mature, will provide additional privacy and visual interest. Surrounding the new retaining wall, we planted Bermuda sod to replace the grass damaged by water runoff.

If your home is plagued by erosion during heavy rains, a retaining wall may prove to be an invaluable landscaping improvement. Between the Edges is Augusta’s retaining wall specialist and we can help you with erosion control in Augusta. Call us today to discuss your retaining wall needs.

Expanding an Outdoor Hardscape

Newer construction homes typically include a patio, deck, or screened porch. However, these elements are rarely built with the specific lot’s layout, proportions or views in mind, and the impact can be underwhelming. We helped these Aiken homeowners organically expand their outdoor hardscape to meet the needs of their lifestyle and mesh with the surrounding landscaping. The end product included a paver patio with a custom fire pit, as well as a path connecting the patio to the driveway, eliminating the need to trudge through mud or wear a path in the grass when going between the two areas.

Simple extensions of your current outdoor hardscaping can make a huge impact. Call Between the Edges today, and let us help you install a new paver patio in Augusta, GA that will increase the value and usability of your outdoor spaces.

Fall Evenings Outdoors at This Aiken Home

Fall weather is ideal for outdoor gatherings with friends and family, and in this unique year, the value of spending time outdoors at your own home is even greater. At this Aiken home, they expanded their outdoor hardscape to include a new walkway and paver patio. The paver patio features two seating walls, to help maximize outdoor seating for larger gatherings and a fire pit – to make s’mores on a cool fall evening.

Do you have a vision for your backyard? Now may be the perfect time to bring it to life. Contact the Between the Edges team today to discuss your landscaping or hardscaping needs like fire pit installation.

Martinez Retaining Wall

The elevations within many Augusta area neighborhoods can vary greatly from house to house. Since this Martinez home sits at a lower elevation than the neighboring house, we installed a retaining wall to provide valuable erosion control and visual separation. 

The Between the Edges team are experienced in the design and installation of retaining walls and French drains. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Creating Backyard Privacy and Function with Stonework

The location of this Evans home is perfect for accessibility to shopping and schools, and the backyard pool is perfect for entertaining. However, the backyard lacked privacy. The Between the Edges team worked with the homeowner to improve both the privacy and the function of this beautiful outdoor space.

We built a retaining wall in Stonegate Sierra running the length of the backyard, separating the pool from the nearby street. In addition to the retaining wall, we also built a compact fireplace in Beechwood with Indiana Limestone caps and a complementary wood box and hearth, two Beechwood seat walls with Indiana Limestone caps on either side of the fireplace, and a surrounding walkway using Templehurst Sierra pavers. The result is a backyard that is ideal for entertaining at any time of year.

Does your pool need a landscaping facelift? Does your backyard lack the privacy you’d prefer? Let the Augusta, GA landscaper at Between the Edges help you customize your outdoor space to meet your needs.

Evans Retaining Wall Delivers Function and Beauty

The original wooden retaining wall on the side of this Evans property was built when the house was built in 1998. The wall served to prevent slow erosion as well as wash out from rain storms. The homeowners contacted Between the Edges when the wooden retaining wall began to rot and collapse. The Between the Edges team designed a stone retaining wall to replace the failing structure and showcase the landscaping skills of its homeowners, one of whom is a master gardener. The new stone retaining wall features a unique wave pattern, which creates visual interest and blends in with the natural surroundings.

If there is a steep grade separating your house from your neighbor’s property, a retaining wall installation provides beneficial protection against erosion and an aesthetically-appealing visual delineation between lots. If you have questions about retaining walls, contact Between the Edges today. 

(First image shows previous wooden retaining wall after collapse.)


Commercial Landscape Update

We recently updated the landscaping at Stokes Hodges Ford in Graniteville, SC. We used a combination of shrubs and florals to create a colorful, fresh look for the bed. Varying the colors and types of plants is a great way to create a more visually appealing landscape. Between the Edges offers comprehensive landscaping services for businesses across the CSRA.

Both residential and commercial properties benefit from improved curb appeal. The Augusta, GA landscaper team at Between the Edges can design, install and maintain your property’s landscaping, to help ensure your business stands out for all the right reasons. Contact us today to discuss your specific commercial landscaping needs. 

A Relaxing Augusta Backyard

We helped these Augusta homeowners expand their outdoor living space with a new paver walkway and patio, using pavers in Templehurst Sand Dune. The highlight of the patio is a unique waterfall cascading into a bed of river rocks. The result is a true backyard oasis, minutes from Augusta shopping and dining.

A water feature provides a relaxing focal point in any outdoor landscape. Whether a water feature, a fire pit, or a custom grilling area, the Augusta, GA landscaper at Between The Edges can help you create outdoor spaces that make you want to be outside. Contact us today to get started. 

Updated Entrance to Aiken Home

We used pavers in the buff to revitalize the main entrance to this home. We created a paver walkway from the current driveway to the new curved paver steps (a unique alternative to brick or concrete steps). We also installed two retaining walls, each running alongside the driveway and paver walkway to meet the new steps. The retaining walls with inset paver details are both attractive and functional, preventing water and landscape run-off onto the driveway.

At Between the Edges, we recommend that you never underestimate the power of pavers. Need a new paver patio in Augusta, GA, walkway, steps, or retaining wall? Contact us today.

Grovetown Retaining Wall Installation

When Between the Edges first arrived at this Grovetown home, the slope of the backyard limited the yard’s function. We installed a paver retaining wall to both improve drainage and give the yard two areas of level, usable space. This particular homeowner has plans to build a barn.

Don’t allow your current landscaping to limit your yard’s future potential. Between the Edges can help you design your outdoor spaces to meet both your current and future needs. Contact us today to get started.