A Driveway with Style: Paver Driveway and Landscaping by Between The Edges

Over time, even a well-maintained concrete driveway will show signs of wear. This Harlem homeowner replaced their concrete driveway with a paver driveway with concrete border, resulting in instantly elevated curb appeal. Our Between the Edges team used Roma Autumn pavers to complement the brick on the home. To add additional dimension, we planted both Sunshine Ligustrums and dogwoods on both the right side of driveway and front corner of the property.

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Elevating a North Augusta Yard with Custom Touches

This North Augusta yard went from standard to custom with a variety of hardscaping and landscaping updates.

The update begins in the front yard, where we planted three crepe myrtles and added fresh mulch. The Between The Edges team also installed paver curbing to define the flower beds and limit the growth of grass and weeds in the beds. This curbing is a perfect match to the paver walkway we installed in the homeowners’ backyard. This pathway connects the backyard gate to the patio and pool area. In the backyard, we also laid Zoysia sod, a great choice for Southern landscaping due to its low water requirements, slower growth and weed-resistent density. 

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Front Yard Improvements in North Augusta

We helped these North Augusta homeowners make improvements to their front yard that make their outdoor space more attractive and protected from future erosion. First, we installed a curved retaining wall and cleaned up adjacent landscaping beds, including installing fresh mulch.

The home also had a drainage ditch that was overrun with weeds and aesthetically unappealing. We cleared out the ditch and then installed a weed barrier fabric and rip rap. (Rip rap is a natural rock that is intentionally placed to protect soil from erosion due to run-off.)

When planning updates to your outdoor space, it’s important to consider the natural grades of your yard, including opportunities for visible or potential erosion. Between The Edges can help you with erosion control in Augusta, design effective solutions, or adapt to run-off patterns impacting your property. We are the CSRA’s retaining wall specialists, helping clients resolve a variety of erosion and drainage issues. Do you have questions about your own yard? Call us at (803) 278-1888 or use our online contact form.

Adding Function and Visual Interest in North Augusta

We helped these North Augusta homeowners install a retaining wall that runs the length of their home, with paver steps to easily reach the yard. This retaining wall helps prevent runoff and erosion from the landscaped bed into the grass. The area between the screened patio and the retaining wall features a variety of shrubs and flowering plants, nestled along a flagstone walkway.

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Appling Home Ready for Nights By the Fire

Installing a fire pit is a great way to add ambiance and utility to your outdoor space. Whether making s’mores and singing campfire songs in the fall or warming up after a late afternoon swim in the summer, these Appling homeowners sought a space to relax with family and the result is a perfect addition to their yard. We designed a circular patio to mirror the round fire pit. In keeping with the established theme, the raised seating walls are in a complementary curved shape. The patio uses pavers in Templehurst Sierra, and the fire pit and seating walls use Desert Grand.

Is your backyard lacking a place to spend time with friends and family? We can help you create a space that incorporates both landscaping and hardscaping to draw people outside – and together. Here is another fire pit installation we incorporated into a larger hardscaping project. Don’t keep talking about what you’d like to do in your yard. Contact us today, and we can help you get started.

New Walkway in North Augusta Backyard

A steep grade on the side of this North Augusta homeowner’s backyard created an environment ripe for drainage and erosion issues. We worked with the homeowner to create a functional solution with aesthetic appeal. Once complete, we installed two retaining walls with French drains, along with a paver walkway in Roma Sierra. Instead of a muddy mess after rain, now backyard visitors are greeted with a functional path and steps, complemented by freshly planted shrubs.

With significant experience in retaining walls and French drains, Between the Edges experts can help with erosion control in Augusta and solve your drainage issues. Use our online contact form or give us a call today at (803) 278-1888.

Adding Beauty and Function in this Martinez Backyard

We love helping homeowners improve the form and function of their property. In this Martinez backyard, we installed a retaining wall in harvest blend. Adjacent to the wall, we installed a new paver patio, creating a large flat surface for an outdoor dining table or hosting an outdoor gathering. Between the retaining wall installation and the patio, we added flower beds with shrubs and mulch, adding visual interest and warmth to the space. Finally, we installed a privacy fence that runs the length of their backyard.

Whether you add one new element or several, Between the Edges can help you transform your outdoor space into something that fits the unique needs of your family. Use our online contact form or call us today to get started.

A Grovetown Outdoor Space to Enjoy All Year Long

This Grovetown backyard in a newer construction neighborhood began as an undefined, blank canvas. Now, the space has layers of visual interest with a new tiered paver patio and complementary landscaping. The paver patio features two different edge styles – one straight and the other rounded – to create visual interest and complement the unique shapes of the hot tub and fire ring. In addition to the hardscaping, we also added multiple landscaped flower beds, featuring knockout roses, gardenias, sunshine ligustrum, tea olives, Italian cypress, and brown mulch. This outdoor space is now ready for year-round entertaining, regardless of the temperatures.

Do you have a blank canvas on your property? Or wanted to install a paver patio in Augusta, GA? We can help. Want to see more? Here’s another outdoor patio with a fire pit we completed last year. If you’d like to discuss your ideas for your backyard or another outdoor space, contact us today.

Modern Outdoor Retreat with Water Views

Our Between the Edges team worked with these Evans homeowners to create their own outdoor oasis, enhancing both the beauty and the functionality of their property. First, we installed 6 x 6 wood steps with paver inserts, to help the homeowners and their guests safely get from their home to the water’s edge. In surrounding areas, we installed complementary hardscaping elements, including paver steps in Roma Sand Dune, a retaining wall, and two wood walls. Finally, we planted a variety of plants: nine sunshine ligustrums, 10 jazz hands, two Japanese ferns, a windmill palm, fountain grass and variegated liriope, all surrounded by river rock.

We are thankful for the opportunity to combine pavers, wood elements and foliage to create a unique space for this family to enjoy. As we approach the holidays, happy thanksgiving to you and your family from our Between the Edges family.

Refreshed Curb Appeal with New Retaining Wall

Retaining walls serve multiple valuable purposes. Not only do they protect against erosion, but they can also create definition on the edge of a lot or within your property as well as create usable level space. This Evans home received a curb appeal upgrade with the addition of a retaining wall, new centipede sod, and new bushes and mulch. Twelve sunshine ligustrums add visual appeal in the landscaping bed that runs alongside the retaining wall, and fresh sod is ready to host leaf piles in the fall and sprinkler romps in the summer.

At Between the Edges, we have the knowledge and experience to organically integrate retaining walls, landscaping, hardscaping and sodding into your outdoor spaces. Whether you need a single patio or retaining wall installation, or surrounding areas, or whether you have a multi-faceted vision in mind for your space, we can help. Call Between the Edges today to set up a consultation.