Welcome to Between The Edges, your premier landscaper serving North Augusta, SC, and the surrounding areas! We are dedicated to transforming outdoor spaces into stunning landscapes that enhance curb appeal, functionality and sustainability of your outdoor property. From landscape design and installation to lawn care and maintenance, from hardscapes and retaining walls to irrigation systems and erosion control, our experienced team is here to bring your vision to life.

Unveiling Your Dream Backyard With Between The Edges

Imagine stepping outside and being greeted by a flourishing landscape that reflects your unique style. From crafting picture-perfect curb appeal to fashioning breathtaking outdoor living areas, their mastery turns your property into a cherished oasis.

Blooming Beauty: Plants That Steal the Show

Crepe Myrtle: Picture these vibrant flowering trees framing your entrance, adding a touch of Southern charm. Between The Edges can help you select the perfect crepe myrtles to complement your home’s architecture and create a beautiful focal point.

Azaleas: These shrubs captivates with their breathtaking blossoms from spring to early summer, boasting a variety of colors ranging from white and pink to red and purple. These vibrant blooms grace the landscape for several weeks to even months. It’s no wonder azaleas are popular among gardeners and homeowners alike, making these flowering shrubs a staple in residential and commercial landscaping projects.

Southern Magnolia: This tree is known for its glossy, dark green leaves with a leathery texture and large, fragrant, creamy white flowers that can bloom up to 12 inches in diameter. It makes an excellent focal point in landscapes, whether planted individually or in groups. This iconic evergreen tree also works well as a shade tree near patios, decks or other outdoor living spaces.

Japanese Maple: These small ornamental trees are valued for their delicate and stunning foliage, which ranges from shades of green to deep reds and purples, making them a popular choice for adding visual interest to landscapes. This ornamental tree is prized in landscaping and gardens around the world due to its elegant appearance and relatively small size, making it suitable for both large estates and small urban gardens.

Boxwood: Its dense foliage gives it a compact and neat appearance. It can be pruned into various shapes, making it popular for hedges, topiaries and formal gardens. Boxwoods are also generally hardy, but they can be susceptible to certain pests and diseases. They can provide structure, texture and year-round interest to garden designs.

Creating Backyard Bliss: Waterfalls, Fire Pits & Paver Patios 

  • Backyard Waterfall: Imagine the calming sound of a waterfall gracefully spilling into a bed of river rocks. Our team has the expertise to integrate this enchanting element into your patio, crafting a backyard sanctuary and creating a truly mesmerizing backyard retreat.
  • Fire Pit Magic: Cozy up by a custom fire pit. Our team can craft a fire pit area that complements your existing landscape, fostering warmth and ambiance for gatherings under the stars.
  • Paver:  Paver curbing adds a touch of elegance while defining your flower beds and keeping them weed-free. Between The Edges can design intricate paver walkways and patios, using stunning options like Templehurst Sand Dune to pave the way to relaxation.

Between The Edges is your partner in crafting a landscape that reflects your personality.

Whether you’re looking to create a peaceful retreat in your backyard or boost the curb appeal of your commercial property, Between The Edges has the expertise and resources to make it happen. 

Let’s Design Your Dream Escape!