Lawn Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems Installers

Irrigation systems provide your landscape features with water to ensure their growth and continued overall health. Plants require certain amounts of water at time intervals that best suit their life cycles. Irrigation systems also play an important role in water conservation.

At Between The Edges, our irrigation designers and technicians are updated quarterly on the latest technology developments such as drip, micro drip and mist systems. We utilize commercial grade irrigation components to ensure long life and durability.

We can provide regularly scheduled irrigation checks and maintenance to guarantee your irrigation system is working properly, which protects your landscape investment.

Natural rainfall is not enough for two reasons:

  1. It does not provide an adequate amount.
  2. It is not distributed evenly throughout the lawn.

These two things are especially true when the lawn has just been fertilized.

There are a lot of factors that go into determining the correct irrigation system and amount of water that your lawn needs. A lawn is better off with a good watering distribution system that will soak in to the proper depth for your specific soil type. Our lawn care professionals can help you determine how much, and how often, your lawn needs watering.

Watering too frequently can cause more annual weeds, shallow grass roots and more chance of disease due to constant moisture. Too much watering will also replace oxygen in the soil and the grass will die.

Some factors we take into consideration in designing your irrigation system:

Shade: More water is required under trees since they take a lot of moisture out of the soil.

Soil Type & Condition: Water penetrates deeply into sandy soil. The same amount will soak in a little less in loam, and only a short distance in clay. We can make recommendations for adjusting your water accordingly. For instance, compacted soil will be more likely to allow water to run off and requires core aeration to remedy.

Slopes: A slope allows water to run off rather than soak in. It also means that there is more evaporation due to exposure to the sun if facing south or west.

Weather: How often and how much has it been raining? We use gauges, and local statistical weather data, from several sources, to make our recommendations.

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