We helped these North Augusta homeowners make improvements to their front yard that make their outdoor space more attractive and protected from future erosion. First, we installed a curved retaining wall and cleaned up adjacent landscaping beds, including installing fresh mulch.

The home also had a drainage ditch that was overrun with weeds and aesthetically unappealing. We cleared out the ditch and then installed a weed barrier fabric and rip rap. (Rip rap is a natural rock that is intentionally placed to protect soil from erosion due to run-off.)

When planning updates to your outdoor space, it’s important to consider the natural grades of your yard, including opportunities for visible or potential erosion. Between The Edges can help you with erosion control in Augusta, design effective solutions, or adapt to run-off patterns impacting your property. We are the CSRA’s retaining wall specialists, helping clients resolve a variety of erosion and drainage issues. Do you have questions about your own yard? Call us at (803) 278-1888 or use our online contact form.