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Retaining Wall Prevents Flooding in Terraced North Augusta Neighborhood

After moving into their home in a new construction neighborhood, these North Augusta homeowners quickly discovered that during normal rainstorms their yard would flood due to uncontrolled water flow from their neighbor’s property – the result of poor land grading. After speaking to multiple companies, they chose Between the Edges to help them design a long-term solution that would protect both their landscaping from erosion and their home from flooding. Our team installed two retaining walls and a drain line to help resolve the drainage issues in their yard, as well as additional landscape improvements.

An intentional landscaping design can help you both beautify your outdoor spaces and protect the long-term health of your property. If you are facing issues due to erosion and flooding, contact us today.



Updated Outdoor Spaces at a North Augusta Home

We completed a number of updates throughout this North Augusta home’s front and backyard areas. The result is a cohesive, refreshed look and a backyard that is ready for hosting.

In the front yard, we installed a quick curb around the landscaping beds, providing an attractive barrier between the beds and the grassy areas. We also freshened up the mulch throughout and installed a Japanese Maple, introducing more color – and shade – to the area.

In the backyard, the homeowners now have a custom space for relaxing and entertaining. We installed a paver patio in Roma Sierra, as well as a complementary seat wall and fire ring, both featuring Indiana Limestone caps. The fire ring includes a cooking grate.

If you have a landscape project – or projects – you’re ready to bring to life, let Between the Edges help. Contact us today.

Paver Walkway Enhances Home

It is easy to think that your landscape requires a complete overhaul to make any impact. In reality, a single change or addition can make a significant difference. We installed a custom paver walkway and steps in this Augusta home, so the homeowners and their guests can safely walk through the yard without walking directly through the grass and landscaping beds.

Is there a specific landscaping change you’ve been considering? Contact us to help make your landscape ideas come to life.

Updated Backyard Landscaping in North Augusta

We enjoy helping clients maximize the potential of their outdoor areas. In this North Augusta backyard, we installed a privacy fence, to delineate the client’s yard from the neighboring property. In the plant beds surrounding the pool, we planted two varieties of nandinas, as well as two boxwoods and two camelia bushes and surrounded the new bushes with black mulch. We also installed new Zoysia sod. Finally, we planted ten beautiful palms.

This backyard with a pool was ripe with potential and now it truly is a little piece of paradise.

Whether you need a landscaping company to execute your vision or you are feeling a bit stumped, contact us today to help you create and maintain your own backyard paradise.

An Augusta Backyard Walkway and Patio

We installed an updated walkway and patio in this beautiful Augusta backyard. Both the walkway and patio are made of pavers in Roma Autumn to complement the existing brickwork. Now, whether walking from the house to eat on the patio or entering through the side gate, this outdoor space is ready for today’s modern entertaining.

Whether your outdoor space needs some tweaking or a complete overhaul, contact us today to discuss your landscape and hardscape needs.

A Retaining Wall Surrounding a Backyard Pool

This backyard in Grovetown is summer-ready. We installed a retaining wall with a curved edge in Harvest Blend that runs the width of the yard. The wall helps define the pool and outdoor living spaces, while helping prohibit undesired erosion.

A well-built retaining wall can offer both practical benefits and aesthetic appeal, whether as a single project or part of a larger landscaping plan. Contact us today to make your landscaping vision a reality.


A Patio Area Ready for Backyard Parties

As the days start to get longer, our backyard spaces become usable outdoor living spaces again. At this home, we installed an outdoor patio in Roma Autumn and created a custom area for the homeowners’ ceramic grill/smoker, featuring two drawers for storage and counter space for cooking tools or serving. The result is a functional and beautiful outdoor area suitable for cooking, eating and relaxing after a delicious meal.

Are you ready make your backyard summer cookout ready? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Martinez Home Improves Curb Appeal and Function with a New Retaining Wall

This beautiful retaining wall provides beneficial separation between this home’s yard and driveway. Since the property’s elevation slopes toward the home, this retaining wall will discourage soil and pine straw from shifting onto the driveway in heavy rain.

In order to make provide quick, direct access to the landscaped area, we integrated steps in the design. We also incorporated multiple drainage sources, to allow water to flow properly and increase the longevity of the retaining wall.

Whether your yard requires a complete overhaul, or you need a solution to a functional problem impacting your landscaping, contact us today to discuss your needs.

A Retaining Wall and Fence Improve This Yard’s Usability

In order to increase the amount of flat yard space at this Evans home, we built a curved retaining wall that runs the length of the backyard. Since the original yard was sloped, the retaining wall will also limit the erosion during heavy or prolonged rains. The retaining wall is complemented by a modern, black fence that was built around the perimeter of the yard. We also installed bermuda sod. The sod may be dormant now, but when the warmer months arrive, its bright green color will have this Evans backyard looking party ready.

An experienced landscaper can help you make your yard both attractive and usable. If you’re ready to improve your outdoor space, contact us today.

A Functional Retaining Wall with Curb Appeal

This Augusta home received a curb appeal upgrade with the addition of a stone retaining wall. The retaining wall provides an attractive delineation between the home and the neighboring property, while also limiting erosion and providing both a usable parking area that doesn’t damage any landscaping and a thoroughfare between the front and back yards. We love the slight curve in the retaining wall steps in backyard.

A well-built retaining wall can offer both practical benefits and aesthetic appeal, whether as a single project or part of a larger landscaping plan. Contact us today to make your landscaping vision a reality.